In the course of nearly twenty-five years in business, GEODesign had grown from a single office with a handful of employees in Connecticut to a nationally recognized firm with more than thirty employees and offices in 5 states. As they approached their 25th anniversary, they decided it was time to re-examine their identity, messaging and update their web presence.

    We spent several months digging in with them and exploring how they could more clearly and concisely communicate the expertise and benefits they bring to their clients. This exercise informed the design of their new logo (please refer to the graphic explanation) which repurposed the layers of their previous one and also revealed the tag line Underground Intelligence which perfectly and succinctly summarizes their value.

    Also revealed to us during the“digging in”sessions was that they were also planning to open a new office on the west coast in Oregon. This exciting prospect presented an unusual circumstance in that a Seattle based geotechnical firm also called Geodesign already existed and had established offices in the Pacific Northwest. To overcome this challenge, we worked with them to develop a solution that created a new web presence under the url geocompanies.com. This gave them to ability to maintain and build upon the reputation of their known brand GEODesign on the east coast and open their west coast office under the name of GEOMechanics. With both associated under this new url and the brand solidified, the company is now poised for national growth with a consistent brand as they move forward toward their next 25 years in business.

    Branding / Naming / Messaging / Copywriting
    Graphic Design / Website Development