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    Our Formation

    We are an award-winning creative communications, marketing, and technology company that helps organizations connect with their audiences by identifying, defining, and promoting the qualities that make them shine. We bring decades of experience, perspective, and depth to clients who are seeking to be more effective (ROI!) with their messaging, marketing, and tactical efforts.

    We have a proven and successful track record of partnering with clients to help them step back from the fray, see what’s around the curve, and develop strategies that put them ahead of it.

    A Better Place · A Better World

    Whatever your role in the built environment – whether you design, engineer, or build it; supply its windows, lights or pipes; cross-laminate its timber or underpin its foundations – you’re part of a trillion-dollar industry that affects people’s lives every day.

    Yet for the most part; (and here is where we can help), no one knows much about why your work matters. Your designs aid in healing and promote safety, and they cut carbon emissions and boost productivity; your innovative product reduces waste and creates jobs, and you’ve invented a key process that yields social as well as economic benefits.

    The world needs to see your example. Your clients need to know why they should hire you. Your community needs to realize what’s possible. Even your mom should be able to understand (and see) what you do.

    Formation is here for you. Let’s tell your story.