The goal of this piece was to announce the news of BVH’s newly acquired building commissioning service through a brochure/mailer/email blast that would be playful, eye-catching, informative and memorable. While highlighting the acquisition and new service, BVH also looked at this as an opportunity to reinforce their “Focused On Performance” tagline and remind their clients (and introduce ZBDs) of all the comprehensive engineering services they provide under one roof.

    “Pushing the Envelope” hit the right notes on a few different levels. First and foremost, its immediate impact as the cover of a sealed tri-fold (along with a compelling graphic) gave the recipient a hint of a meaning but required it to be opened in order to get the full story. Once unsealed and unfolded, a bold greeting utilizing BVH’s color scheme let the recipient know right away that ZBD is now BVH and that building envelope services are now a part of BVH’s offerings.

    This message is also strengthened by inserting the word “seamless” into BVH’s tagline (a play on envelope commissioning as well as integrated services). Also communicated is that ZBD has been working with BVH’s commissioning team over the past several years on numerous projects and has a proven and successful track record. A working session photo was included to further personalize this relationship.

    The brochure was a homerun – the concept received great overall feedback from recipients – it accomplished its announcement goal, led to new opportunities and spurred growth of the department.

    *Winner – 2019 SMPS CT Marketing Communication Brochure Award

    Strategic Planning / Messaging / Copywriting / Graphic Design / 
    Website Development / PR / Social Media