This campaign announced and celebrated BVH’s 60th anniversary in a lighthearted, memorable way. It spoke modestly to the firm’s depth and technical prowess by gently poking fun at the geekiness of their profession.

    With a party scheduled at their new headquarters, the approach was to create weekly announcements for RSVP to send as email blasts each week during the month prior to the event. We also supplied printed invitation cards for employees to hand out.

    “Celebrating 60 years of collaboration, community and engineering excellence” was the overall theme of the gathering. Looking to create a fun and memorable campaign that would serve to both announce the party and highlight BVH’s “Focused on Performance” messaging, the concept played on the idea that though there have been changes in technology since their founding, the delivery of solid and successful projects has never wavered. “Tools Change. Our Focus Never Does” became the headline, with the insertion of the word [Timeless] in the tagline.

    BVH employees gladly volunteered to model and showcase their current tools of the trade, juxtaposed with the image of a 50s-era geeky engineer with a slide rule, conveying that the stereotypical “engineer of old” has given way to dynamic, technologically driven tools that are utilized by a diverse group of modern day engineers and highlighting how far the field has come since 1958. Posters too were printed and hung for the party.

    The campaign received rave reviews from recipients and the number of guests exceeded expectations… and new work opportunities were gained directly from the event.

    *Winner – 2019 SMPS CT Marketing Communication Promotional Campaign Award

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